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Welcome to Get Shirty UK, one of The UK’S most reputable autograph football retailers, selling the newest and most exciting exclusive pieces signed by football stars in the UK.

Check out our FAQ for what makes us different, where we get our items, and our photographic proof.

Handwritten signatures: We obtain signatures in person on a brand new football kit item (shirts, shorts, training jackets, boot bag, football boots, footballs, and more). Have a football item in mind that we don’t have available? Contact us to see if we can get your item of choice autographed.

Authenticated signing where possible: Photographs of autographs being made can be delivered to you by email.

Perfect Present: It doesn’t matter if the present is for your Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Friend, a Grand Parent, or for you. This present is perfect for any hard core football fan!

Personalised messages can be requested in advance for that ‘extra special’ present for someone. Contact us to find out if your request is possible.

Your Team: We have a selection of football kit available across Premiership and 1st Division teams for immediate purchase and dispatch. Visit our browser page to search by team, season or item. If you can’t find your team, contact us to check when/if we can make your team available.

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