About/ Frequently Asked Questions

Get SHIRTY UK is reputable, exciting AND genuine

Welcome to Get Shirty UK, one of The UK’S most reputable autograph football retailers, selling the newest and most exciting exclusive pieces signed by football stars in the UK.

Why are we different?

Get Shirty UK’s number one aim is to provide exclusive autographed products from a trustworthy source. We guarantee that all our items are authentic. However, we like to show you our items are authentic. Most of our items feature exact photographic proof on their listings. Where we can we photograph the actual signing process! It is as simple as that. When buying from us you can have complete confidence. Not only is the item exclusive but totally authentic. Get Shirty UK obtains its items in person and does not generally buy them in from third parties.

Where do we obtain our items?

Get Shirty UK obtains its stock in person and rarely buys in items. Our experienced staff travel around the UK to obtain exclusive pieces. We Photograph the exact moment when the football star is signing our items. Every single item is individual therefore you can be assured that what you buy is exclusive to you with exclusive photograph proof.

Do our items really come with photographic proof?

Our experienced staff travels around the UK to obtain exclusive items and exact photograph proof of signing. We attempt to photograph the exact moment when the item gets signed. Every single item is unique, and you can be assured that what you buy is exclusive and comes with exclusive photograph proof. This is available for most items, however, sometimes it is not always possible to take a photo. Where it is available, you will see the image on the product page. If you require this photo, we can send it to you via email once the order is confirmed.